Revolutionizing Muscovy Duck Welfare: A Game-Changing Study by the University of Turin

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Unlock the secrets to enhanced Muscovy duck welfare with the University of Turin’s publication, “Does the Provision of Live Black Soldier Fly and Yellow Mealworm Larvae Improve Muscovy Duck Welfare?” This in-depth study delves into the effects of live black soldier fly (BSF) and yellow mealworm (YM) larvae provision on various aspects of Muscovy duck performance, behavior, and physiological parameters.

Recognizing the potential of environmental enrichments in reducing aggressive behaviors among Muscovy ducks, the study investigates the impact of BSF and YM live larvae on performance, excreta corticosterone metabolites (ECM), behavior, and blood parameters.

Conducted with 126 female Muscovy ducklings, the study assigned participants to three experimental treatments: a control group fed commercial feed and two experimental groups fed commercial feed supplemented with 5% BSF or YM live larvae. The comprehensive evaluation included growth performance metrics, larva consumption times, behavior analysis through video recordings, ECM assessment, and blood parameter evaluation.

The findings revealed that the experimental treatments did not affect the growth performance of the ducks. Notably, live BSF and YM larva supplementation led to improved duck welfare without compromising growth performance. Larva consumption times and behavioral patterns were scrutinized, showcasing significant insights into the positive impact of larval supplementation on the ducks’ well-being.

Live BSF and YM larva supplementation emerged as a game-changer for Muscovy duck welfare, demonstrating a reduction in aggressive behaviors and stress indicators. This research not only advances our understanding of sustainable poultry practices but also underscores the commitment of the University of Turin to innovative and ethical animal farming. Join us in shaping the future of poultry welfare!

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