SUSTAvianFEED project is structured in five Work Packages.


is focused on the overall project management and coordination activities. It will last the whole project implementation.

WP2 (UMU) and WP3 (EGE)

are focused on the development of the alternative poultry feed and the pilot implementation respectively. These two WPs will be implemented considering environmental, social and economic criteria. The development of the alternative poultry feed will start with the beginning of the project. After its elaboration, project pilot’s implementation will follow.


presents the stakeholder interaction and end-user involvement, which will be closely related with the whole project implementation in an iterative process which will engage relevant actors of the supply chain. The interrelations among the WPs are further explained in the work package description.


will be focused on the exploitation, dissemination and communication activities, in order to engage a large number of different audiences and to promote further replication activities of the project. This work package will be developed during the whole project implementation.

SUSTAvianFEED Project

ALIA is the leader of WP1 and WP4, UMU is the leader of WP2, while EGE is the leader of WP3 and SLOWFOOD leads WP5.

A Work Package (WP) is a set of tasks which contribute with a similar purpose of the project. The project is comprised by five WPs.