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Advanced AGROecological approaches based on the integration of insect breeding with local field practices in Mediterranean countries and associations located in Mediterranean countries

ADVAGROMED aims to develop, evaluate and promote – through collaborative research – an innovative cultivation system adapted to the unique conditions of the Mediterranean, exploiting the advantages of insect production in conjunction with basic agroecological principles. To achieve this objective, ADVAGROMED aims to use insects as bioconverters of local by-products and exploit the main products of insects (frass and live larvae) from an agroecological perspective, in order to make this novel cultivation system a viable production system for farmers and associations located in Mediterranean countries.

Interest for the project:
The project represents an innovation in terms of the use of insects in the agri-food sector. In this way, it complements the knowledge of the SUSTAvianFEED project for greater sustainability of the sector through the use of insects.