Resource Portal: SUSTAvianFEED Deliverables, Strategies and Relevant Documents

In this section, you will have access to project deliverables, as well as strategies and other highly relevant documents produced by SUSTAvianFEED.

Deliverable 1.2: Data Management Plan – #1

Deliverable 1.3: Data Management Plan – #2

Deliverable 2.1: Sustainable feeding program definition

Deliverable 2.2: Potential for insect production in each pilot

Deliverable 2.3: Feed safety and health evaluation of the diet

Deliverable 2.4: Environmental evaluation of the alternative diet

Deliverable 2.5: Nutritional evaluation of the diet

Deliverable 4.2: Stakeholder interactions along the supply chain

Deliverable 5.1: Dissemination and communication strategy

Strategy: Living labs implementation plan for SUSTAvianFEED project