International Agricultural Investment and Technology Exhibition: ISA-CM team one of the participant

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During the period between the 12th and the 15th of October 2022, the 14th edition of the International Agricultural Investment and Technology Exhibition (SIAT 2022) was held at the Kram Exibition Centre – Tunis – Tunisia. It is a biannual event organized by the Agricultural Investment Promotion Agency (APIA) for thirty years.

The theme of this year’s edition was “Intelligent Investment for Sustainable Development”.

Eleven foreign delegations from the Arabic region, Africa and Europe were present to exhibit the latest technological innovations and communicate on new agricultural management methods.

In line with the edition’s topic, a Startup Awards was designed to recognize and reward Startups developing an innovative green technology or sustainable solution and interesting namely in renewable energies, irrigation and water management, etc.

Additionally, the fair’s program had included several workshops around various themes, including “modern technologies and the improvement of productivity and adaptation to climate changes in rural areas”, “innovative techniques for saving irrigation water to reduce climate impacts” and “innovation and digitalization of agricultural techniques in African countries”. These workshops had brought together farmers, manufacturers, businessmen, suppliers and scientific researchers. It is in this context that the participation of the ISA-CM team as part of the SUSTAvianFEED project staff took place. Indeed, through the exhibition stand of the Institution of Agricultural Research and Higher Education (IRESA), the ISA-CM team had the opportunity to display a Roll-up presenting the SUSTAvianFEED project and its objectives in order to promote it. Beyond the presentation and the promotion of the project, the ISA-CM team got an effective networking opportunity. Actually, the team was able to meet and interact with farmers, especially rural women, and professionals in academia, private sector and public sector and to know more about their viewpoints on developing new feed formula incorporating fewer imported ingredients (soybean meal and corn) and including local (faba beans, triticale, rapeseed meal, etc…) and innovative (insects) ingredients. Several attendees have appreciated this innovation idea and expressed their interest in following the training in insects farming which will be soon co-organized by ISA-CM and ENTOMO.

As an added benefit, through this networking opportunity, the ISA-CM team has built many connections with relevant professionals who can be involved in the next LL activities.

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