IEEE 2024 International Workshop: Advancing Sustainability and Welfare in Poultry Production

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In the ever-evolving landscape of veterinary and animal sciences, the pursuit of innovation and knowledge dissemination stands as a cornerstone for industry progress. Against this backdrop, we are pleased to announce the IEEE 2024 International Workshop on Measurements and Applications in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, scheduled to convene from April 22nd to 24th. This year’s workshop will feature a special section dedicated to the SUSTAvianFEED project, titled “SUSTAvianFEED project – Measurements of sustainability and welfare in poultry production.” More info here.

The poultry industry faces increasing scrutiny regarding sustainability and animal welfare practices. With this in mind, the SUSTAvianFEED project aims to revolutionize poultry farming by developing innovative systems that prioritize sustainability and animal welfare. This workshop section will delve into the crucial aspects of measuring sustainability and welfare in poultry production, offering insights and strategies to improve industry standards.

Measuring sustainability and welfare in poultry production requires a comprehensive approach that considers various factors impacting both the environment and animal well-being. Key indicators include assessing environmental impacts such as carbon emissions, water usage, and waste management. Additionally, evaluating animal welfare entails monitoring factors like stocking density, access to natural light, ventilation, and enrichments to promote natural behaviors.

Moreover, understanding the economic viability of poultry production systems is essential for long-term sustainability. By employing comprehensive metrics that encompass environmental, animal welfare, and economic aspects, stakeholders can make informed decisions to enhance industry standards.

The Program Committee extends a warm invitation to researchers, academics, practitioners, and industry partners to submit abstracts (400 words) for consideration at the IEEE MeAVeAS 2024 Workshop. We particularly encourage abstracts with joint authorship from students, industry collaborators, and community partners. Early career researchers and research students are also encouraged to contribute their work to this event.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to engage with experts in veterinary and animal sciences, exchange knowledge, and drive positive change in poultry production.

Join us at the IEEE 2024 International Workshop and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable and welfare-oriented poultry industry.

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