Empowering Women and Promoting Gender Equality in Sustainable Agriculture

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The role of women in animal farming is both significant and multifaceted. Historically, this sector has often been perceived as male-dominated, but women have been making substantial contributions that deserve recognition. Today, more than ever, women are emerging as vital pillars of sustainable and ethical animal farming.

Their involvement spans from caretakers and farmers to scientists and advocates, and their impact on the industry is transformative. One of the goals of the Sustavianfeed project is advance in gender equality and women’s empowerment in the field of sustainable agriculture. Tasked with overseeing pilot actions with women’s groups in the Jendouba region and analyzing the social impact of these initiatives (task 3.7), Association Rayhana, partner of our project, is at the forefront of creating positive change in this field.

Fostering Equal Opportunities

Sustavianfeed firmly believes that gender should never be a barrier to participating in and benefiting from sustainable agriculture. The project and its partner organization are committed to creating a level playing field where women have equal access to resources, opportunities, and decision-making power within the agricultural sector.

Training and Capacity Building

Association Rayhana, with the support of Sustavianfeed, plays a critical role in empowering women through education and skills development. They offer tailored training programs that equip women with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in sustainable agriculture. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from organic farming techniques to sustainable land management practices. By enhancing women’s capacities, the project is not only improving their livelihoods but also strengthening the overall sustainability of agriculture.

In particular, RAYHANA pilot involved the direct participation of a total of 102 farmers, with around 80% of them being women, and 31 rural women actively participated in various workshops and interviews

Supporting Women Farmers and Entrepreneurs

Sustavianfeed, in particular withits pilot activities in Tunisia, actively supports women-led farming initiatives and businesses. They provide these women with access to markets, financial resources, and mentorship opportunities, helping them overcome potential barriers and succeed in agriculture. By empowering women as key players in the agricultural value chain, the project is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse agricultural sector.

Advocating for Gender-Inclusive Policies

In addition to their on-the-ground efforts, and in the framework of the project, Association Rayhana is actively engaged in advocating for gender-inclusive policies and practices within the broader agricultural industry. Their activities seeks to push for policies that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in agriculture. This advocacy work is essential for creating lasting change and ensuring that gender equality remains a priority in sustainable agriculture in the Jendouba region.

Measuring Impact and Progress

In the framework of the project, Association Rayhana regularly monitors and evaluates the efforts to promote gender equality, using data and feedback to refine strategies. By measuring impact, it ensures that initiatives are effective and that they continue to empower women in agriculture in the Jendouba region.

In conclusion, the Sustavianfeed project is not just about sustainable farming; it’s also about building a more equitable and inclusive future. By promoting gender equality and empowering women in agriculture, they are not only improving the lives of individuals but also contributing to the overall sustainability of our planet. This partnership serves as a shining example of how sustainable development and gender equality can go hand in hand, creating a brighter and more balanced future.

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